Hola! My name is Ginnette Salas, I am the creator of INKD Generation Clothing. Inkd Generation is tattoo inspired clothing line. This brand is for everyone who welcomes tattoos, art, self expression and creativity.

 My inspiration for INKD Generation came from my love for art and tattoos. From the beautiful and sometimes painful way of being able to wear art in a tattoo form.

My first tattoo was on my 18th Birthday, as I thought this will be my one and only. But it was only a matter of time before most of my body became covered in tattoos. Even that tattoos have been around for centuries, like many others i have been discriminated and called ugly cause of my tattoos.

 I will like you to join me on my journey to empower people to love and express themselves by all means. Body modifications shouldn’t be look as a taboo. We probably will never be able to change some people point of view on tattoos and other body modifications. But we can show them how successful, happy and beautiful we can be.


My Body is My Home, and My Ink is My Art.